Young SVP Champions is a new and exciting opportunity for young people to engage in the Young SVP programme independently of their school or group setting. 

Individual young people can sign up to engage in the Champions programme over the course of the year.

  • Participants will gain access to online workshops exploring SVP and Social Justice,
  • They will engage in social action challenges themed around particular topics each month,
  • They will meet other like-minded ‘Champions’ from around the country through virtual ‘Young SVP Connects’ meetings and events
  • They will track their own journey and learning in a reflective and creative way e.g., blog / vlog / journal / video / art piece etc
  • Young people who take part and complete* the programme will ‘graduate’ as Young SVP Champions.
  • There will be further options and future events where Young SVP Champions come together for activity, meetings and more e.g., summer leaders programme to be held annually.

*To complete the programme a participant must meet the minimum criteria and engage in all aspects of the programme – e.g., complete a min no of workshops / challenges / connects meetings etc

The Young SVP champions programme is suitable for young people who are (any of the following);
  • aged 15 and over
  • interested in learning more about social justice and social action
  • want to engage in a positive, developmental programme
  • want to learn and engage at their own pace / in their own time
  • want to take responsibility for their own journey within the programme
  • For anyone involved in Young SVP through school / college / other setting our Champions programme will add to and enhance your experience.

For anyone who has not had the opportunity to engage with Young SVP in another setting the Champions programme will be a great chance to get involved in your own time and at your own pace.

For more information and to register you interest in the programme please contact us ...

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