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 The Society of St. Vincent de Paul could not do our work without the support and the generosity of the public. We have seen how one small thing can tip a family into a cycle of poverty and crisis, But the opposite is also a true. A little bit of help at the right time can change everything. By donating to SVP you can be there just when a family needs it You can stop them from falling into that cycle. You can help save them from a life of poverty.

Income for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Is received from three main sources: donations from the public, sales from our community charity shop network and Government grants for Special Works (i.e. resource centres). The core work of the Society, home visitation and direct assistance is funded almost entirely from public donations.

In 2020, fundraised income for SVP totalled €41,761,000 due to the continued generosity of the Irish public.

Request for assistance with education bursary grants in 2020
Calls related to food poverty in 2020
Request for assistance during the winter months in 2020
Request for assistance in 2020
The services we provide:

While visitation remains the core work of the Society, we also provide many other essential services throughout the country including;

  • The management of 861 social housing units
  • We operate 15 day care centres
  • We operate over 220 Vincent's charity shops
  • And we also provide many breakfast, homework and revision clubs operating Nationwide.

The growing need:

Calls for assistance from people in need is increasing year on year. In 2020 we received over 171,000 requests for assistance.

Without your support, much of what we do would be impossible:

We rely primarily on the generosity of the people of Ireland to carry out much of what we do.

Where your money goes

The donations we received make a really big difference to those who need it most in communities throughout Ireland.

Our commitment to our supporters:

  • As an organisation we endeavour to keep administration costs at 10% of expenditure.
  • The National Management Council (Board) of St Vincent de Paul are volunteers and are not paid by the Society.
  • Donations that are given locally are spent locally.

For every €1 raised 90c is spent directly supporting individuals and families in need. 10c is spent on generating funds and administration.


Is spent directly supporting individuals and families in need


Is spent on generating funds and administration
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