By supporting children and young people, SVP helps to provide a safe space, where children and young people can play, learn, grow, and develop, can receive support and guidance as well as gaining reassurance that they can enhance their wellbeing, their self-esteem and their confidence in a caring and supportive environment. We do this in a number of ways including the following:


Childcare & Early Learning Centres

Our aim is to provide good quality, affordable childcare to the local community, to support parents and to encourage all children to feel happy, independent, secure, healthy and to feel that they belong.


Youth Clubs & Youth Services

In our Youth Clubs and youth services the children and young people can undertake activities such as singing, drama, dance, cookery, sports, arts & crafts, photography, digital media amongst others. We aim to provide a safe space for them to grow, develop and explore but also to belong in an ever changing and challenging world for our youth.


Homework Clubs and Educational Support

We provide a quiet safe space where we offer children and older young people with academic and educational supports.

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