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How we help

SVP has a wide range of supports it can offer you. From practical help and advice to a friendly ear, all contact is dealt with in strict confidence. You can request help directly on our website using our online form or by contacting your local office. There are 8 local SVP regional offices throughout the country.

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SVP support
Who we help

We help people in need regardless of their faith, ethnicity, status or sexual orientation. SVP have strict safeguarding policies and procedures in place and all visiting members are fully Garda-vetted. Requests for help can be a direct request or a referral made by or on behalf of an individual or family during a time of need.

Local support

Volunteers carry out our services locally and Conferences are groups of SVP volunteers who serve a specific area. If we have an SVP Conference in your area then members from that Conference will visit you. Volunteers will try to understand the problem you are experiencing and will offer help where they can.

What to expect

When you contact us to request help we will take note of your details. An SVP volunteer will then contact you via a private number to arrange to visit you. This may take up to 10 days depending on the day you request help. This is because our volunteers meet only once a week.


Take the first step

Please be reassured that your personal information is held in strict confidence and is used only for the purpose of providing suitable services to you. It will not be passed on to any third party without your expressed permission. The Society is committed to being compliant with all Data Protection Laws and respecting the information of people we assist. For further information on how we process your data please see our Privacy Statement


SVP will get in touch

When someone contacts us we will record their details. This information is passed to your local branch of SVP and a volunteer may make contact with you. They may phone you using a private number. You can discuss your particular problems in depth with this friendly person who will make no judgement on your situation.


A helping hand

Your local SVP Conference may offer the following types of help:

  • Friendship and Support
  • Help with money issues
  • Information about other services you can use
  • Advocating for you when talking to other organisations that can help
  • Negotiating with organisations you may owe money to

How to get help from SVP

We will help you as much as possible. Do not be afraid of contacting us.

Benefits for applying online

  • It's free. Details logged directly into our system
  • Time to compose your thoughts and complete the form in your own time

Maybe not if...

  • You need to speak to someone urgently
  • You want to talk to a person directly
  • You can vocalise your issues better than writing them down

+353 1 884 8200 Our team of volunteers are ready to answer your queries.

For general enquiries please email the address above.

There are 8 local offices in Ireland. Use the map linked below to find your closest office and its opening hours.

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