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SVP Reaching Out 2019

How interesting in the year of Brexit and all that, that SVP’s national development plan is called Reaching Out.  Why Reaching Out? Because it is only when we value those we assist, our volunteers and our staff that we can truly say that SVP is ‘Reaching Out’.

Reaching Out was endorsed by the National Council of September 2018 in a most Vincentian way – in the spirit of action.  Each of our eight regions committed themselves to undertake four achievable actions under the headings of: Responding to Need; Member/Volunteer Supports; Recruitment and Member Development.
In order for SVP to achieve these actions Reaching Out stressed the collaborative nature of the plan:

“Each priority area will need the full support of the membership and staff in agreeing key actions to help effect real change, thus ensuring the plan makes a significant difference to those the Society serves and to the members who so unselfishly give up their time when delivering on the work of our founder Frederic Ozanam.  The role of the leadership of the Society (Conference, Area and Regional Presidents) in delivering this plan will be the key to its success”.

Reaching Out envisages National and Regional teams working together to support and oversee the plan.   Regional Councils should decide the actions to implement the priorities identified at National Council.  Recognising that chosen priorities cross regional boundaries, the MSO team will share ideas and perspectives from around the country.  Many of these priorities can be achieved at local level through the likes of area gatherings and by sharing resources, others however require a national approach and consensus.   Reaching Out is ambitious, not only in what it aims to achieve, but also in how we set about achieving it.

“It is our hope that the benefits of Reaching Out will be far reaching.  Frederic Ozanam asks us to Reach Out to those who need us most, we are seeking the active engagement of all members in its delivery.  We believe it is this active participation that will support the Society in continuing its good work to those we serve in the most effective way possible in the years to come.”

Amongst the local actions envisaged for 2019 are:

  • Skills based training such as active listening.
  • Methods on how to review and reflect on cases and casework.
  • Resources and ideas on assessment of need.
  • The communication and promotion of best practice and guidance.
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