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SVP mixed views on Budget 2018

Little to address educational disadvantage and child poverty

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) welcome the increases in income supports, and overall increases in social welfare and housing supply measures, but is disappointed that there is very little for lone parent families and households with older children.

SVP is also very disappointed in the fact that education costs have not been addressed which have a disproportionate effect on families supported by SVP. "Our experience is that reducing education costs is a major factor in helping to break the cycle of disadvantage." said Kieran Stafford, SVP National President.

On health, SVP welcomes the reduction of prescription charges but would like to see their abolition.

With regard to housing, the Society welcomes steps towards addressing the supply issue. "There remains an overreliance however on HAP, when over 90% of rented properties are beyond the HAP limit whilst measures to increase the availability of affordable homes has not been addressed." said Mr. Stafford.

As one of the largest charities in Ireland, SVP welcomes the introduction of a VAT compensation scheme for charities. This will allow more funds to be diverted to those who require its support.

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