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More voices call for end to austerity

As more political and business interests call for an end to austerity budgets, pressure is increasing on the Government to give people hope and end the impact of austerity on families and individuals throughout Ireland which has caused considerable suffering.

One in six people in Ireland are now at risk of poverty. The Society of St.Vincent De Paul campaign to end austerity Budgets is gathering more national support.

Today the National President of the Society, Geoff Meagher, in a letter in The Irish Times said:

"As the largest charity of social action in Ireland the Society of St Vincent de Paul is concerned that Budget 2014 will bring yet more cuts to the income supports and services relied upon by the people we assist and those who are struggling across the country.

Government should seriously examine the alternative options available in the areas of stimulating growth, improving efficiencies and generating revenue from corporations and individuals with higher incomes and assets that can afford to make a greater contribution to Ireland's recovery.

We continue to export our youngest and best talent in the country. We must find ways to stop this. It will be a shame on us all if in 2016 our young people are still forced to emigrate. We need more radical approaches to sustainable job creation and stimulating growth but not at the expense of the supports and services that are needed by the most vulnerable in our society. Calculated risks will need to be taken, it is better to take those risks than continue with mass emigration, poverty and unemployment."

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