As part of SVP's commitment to safeguarding and protection of children and vulnerable persons, all volunteers and employees who will be engaged in relevant work must be Garda Vetted in advance of commencing their role, complying with the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012-2016. This is a process to check whether a person has a criminal record, or if there is a specified reason they could pose a risk of harm to children or vulnerable adults.

Under SVP policy, volunteers and employees must be re-vetted every three years, in line with best practice. This is to ensure an up-to-date record for all volunteers and employees.

Upon completion of Garda Vetting, the National Vetting Bureau provide a vetting disclosure. This disclosure outlines a criminal record of the person being vetted (if any). Where a criminal offence is disclosed, this will be reviewed by the relevant Liaison Person and National Safeguarding Manager to ensure there is no risk posed to clients and service users of SVP.

Further information on the Garda Vetting process is available from the National Vetting Bureau.

Garda Vetting queries can be directed to

A tutorial on completing the NVB1 form online can be found here:

A tutorial on completing the online application on the e-Vetting website can be found here:

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