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No Call Too Small

Sometimes it’s a little help at the right time that stops the seed of a problem from spiralling. And when Séamus turned to SVP for help with one small thing, your kindness was ready to help...

When his wife died last year, Séamus was grief-stricken. So too was Stella, his wife's beloved dog.

With both his sons living overseas, Stella was the only family he had to get him through. But now on a solo pension, Séamus found himself faced with daunting funeral costs and mounting utility bills. Even then, he only asked SVP for help to renew Stella’s dog licence. "He just couldn’t scrape the funds for it,” says Ben, an SVP volunteer. "Stella is the only companion he has."

"It was only €20, but for Séamus, it was €20 too much on top of everything else…"

Did you know SVP is the only charity that visits people like Séamus in their homes to determine how best we can help in each individual situation. Whether that's food, fuel, or even a dog licence — none of this good work could happen without you.

Because of you, Stella has her licence. And your kindness helped Séamus beyond what he’d even asked for with food vouchers and regular check-ins from Ben.

For this and a million more acts of kindness your donations make possible… Thank you!

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