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The Gift of Your Kindness at Christmas

With so many more people and families struggling to keep up with rising costs right now, your caring heart was more cherished than ever this Christmas...

A mother who was skipping meals to feed her kids. A pensioner without enough to pay the oil man for another two weeks. A father about to turn to money lenders to keep up his mortgage repayments... All these desperate people and many more turned to SVP for help this Christmas.

Thanks to your generosity, SVP was able to answer the calls of 62,355*people, who turned to us in their hour of need. Thank you for being the concerned and considerate person you are, at Christmastime and always.



Your kindness helped answer over 200 calls for help an hour over the Christmas period. Thank you!


*An average of 205 requests for help were received in each working hour the call centres were open in November and December.

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