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Vision for a Future Ireland

‘The vision of SVP is about greater empowerment of people through their enhanced access to public services – in particular:

  • Higher levels of health and wellbeing arising from access to quality, affordable homes in mixed, sustainable communities across tenures. The timely and full delivery of social housing units to meet demand and measures in the private rented sector to improve affordability, quality and security of tenure are required to meet this need
  • Increased opportunities for children arising from expanded early childhood care and education
  • Greater prospects for all through access to jobs arising from childcare and afterschool care
  • Significant increases in funds available and numbers of low income houses benefiting from substantial retrofitting investment in order to create warm homes for those in fuel poverty

Income increases, through wages or social welfare, are vital to enable people to take part fully in Irish society, but are insufficient on their own to break the cycle of poverty. Services are necessary for the wellbeing of people and communities and long term sustained public investment is essential if Ireland is serious about tackling inequality, reducing poverty traps and supporting access to employment.

Much is being spoken about 2016 with both an election and the anniversary of the 1916 Rising in the offing. However, we do not believe there is the political will to make real change in how we allocate resources that will give an equal opportunity to all of our citizens. We urge the political system to be radical in their thinking over the coming months to put forward real change proposals that will create a more equal and just Ireland. Now that would be the real 2016 celebration.’

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